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About me

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer who has a knack for solving problems. My unique skill as a designer is to synthesize perspectives and consider solutions from multiple angles. A decade of design experience has given me a set of tools that allows me to understand what kind of solution is needed to achieve a specific goal. Too often, design is deployed as a sort of band-aid for a problem. When I collaborate on a project, however, I make an effort to get to the root cause, understand the purpose of a project, and thoughtfully work towards a holistic solution.


I’m based in Portland, ME and work as the Graphic Designer at Portland Public Library. I have years of experience doing design work with non-profits both as clients and employers. In addition to my work at the community scale, I have also worked with national brands like Keep America Beautiful, and global brands Motorola and Deflecto. I have been a part of creative teams whose works have been published locally and nationally, won awards (including a Guinness World Record), and I am listed as an inventor on a number of utility patents. 


I grew up in Indianapolis, IN surrounded by people who instilled in me the importance of public service and a love of nature. An ongoing passion project of mine is Precious Plastic Maine, where I use difficult-to-recylce plastics to create new products. I hope to expand this project in the future, so follow @preciousplasticmaine to stay up to date.


If you’d like to collaborate on a design project or with Precious Plastic Maine, please reach out through my contact form below. 

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