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Design Thinking

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2020

"Creativity is not just something you think about, it's something you do."

-Tina Seelig

Brainstorming is more than getting people in a room and locking the door behind them. Design thinking is a methodology that I've been able to apply in college, product design, and nonprofit strategic planning. Regardless of the project or organization at hand, thoughtful planning and execution can lean to innovative ideas.

At a Development Retreat in early 2020, I planned a brainstorming session to help inform our long-term organizational strategy. Pooling people of all different skillsets, I took a small group through warmups and a multi-phase brainstorming session to combine perspectives for long-term planning. 

Having hosted these sessions in multiple sectors, I have seen the impact that this methodology can have on problem-solving—the real core of any design work.

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