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Tree ID Playing Cards

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2019

A novelty deck with which you can play any card game and  learn something! As a annual gift for its monthly donors, KIB developed a card deck that helps educate about native trees and share the mission of KIB. 

Each suit was replaced by a different family of native trees, explained by the ace in each suit. Face cards are replaced with commonly found trees in that family, displaying both their leaf shape and structure as well as their seed or fruit. The symbol of the suit is the leaf shape of the "king" and is used to create cards 2 through 10.

The back of the cards display the different symbols from KIB's programs. it also includes the KIB logo and a truck wheel (the vehicles that make our work possible). The jokers? They feature both a chainsaw and a the notorious emerald ash borer (the scourge of midwestern forests). 

Can't contain yourself? Don't worry, you can buy them here.

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