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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2018–2020

In partnership with the Bohlsen Group, we worked to develop a campaign to attract new volunteers. The campaign took a light-hearted look at the work that Keep Indianapolis Beautiful does if we replaced our volunteers with mannequins. 

The KIB team helped develop creative for the video. Because of the limited resources of our nonprofit, we were also responsible for location selection, casting (including mannequins), scheduling, and production design. The video, "Mannequins Make Bad Volunteers," won both a 2019 Gold Addy, and a 2019 Judges Choice Addy.


Following the production of video, KIB created all collateral around the campaign. This included a webpage, a social media campaign, and t-shirts for mannequins. Not to mention the presence of mannequins at every volunteer project. They might not make good volunteers, but they make great conversation starters.


We continued to grow and expand the campaign, including a transition to a litter-abatement and fundraising campaign in 2019.


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