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Digital Design

The tools that organizations use to communicate their messages require adaptability and constant learning. Designers today have to consider how each piece they produce can be viewed across devices. A broad number of digital tools and programs help take an organization to the next level.

I love learning how to create and communicate messages in different ways. I've designed social media campaigns, Instagram highlights, social media animations, and digital illustrations. For five years I also co-managed social media accounts that reach millions of people. Over the pandemic I taught myself how to create quality video content during COVID by remotely scouting with, writing for, and directing my coworkers and then editing and doing post-production.

KIB Earth Month Campaign

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2020


At an environmental organization with a giant social media following, Earth Month (April) is kind of a big deal. 2020, however, had different plans. With the onset local stay-at-home orders and required social distancing, we had to recreate our communications strategy for our busiest digital month within two weeks. Rather than post about hundreds of upcoming volunteer projects, we had to create a suite of education materials, individual actions, and engaging daily content. See the gallery.

#BeautifulNeedsYou Campaign

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2018

With over 700 annual projects, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful uses almost 15,000 volunteers every year. Working with Bohlsen Group, we put together an advertising campaign directed at acquiring new volunteers. Our projects, however, can be pretty intense. Volunteers dig in the dirt, push wheelbarrows, walk miles with litter grabbers, and spend hours outside. If we were to keep Indianapolis beautiful, we would need real volunteers... not mannequins. Learn more.

Various Digital Design Projects
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