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Exhibit Columbus

Miller Prize Street Installation | 2019

Exhibit Columbus is an annual exploration of architecture, art, design, and community. In 2018, People for Urban Progress was awarded an Irwin Miller Prize to design a street installation for the 2019 symposium.

Our exhibit, Jungle Subtraction, explored the idea that the architectural cohesion of "Main Street" loses potency over time. As different layers of infrastructure are added to the street scape, the original intention of the architect (in this context, Alexander Girard) becomes busied and confused. 

To reemphasize this original intention of Girard, we ironically masked one of the more beneficial pieces of infrastructure (trees) by wrapping them in reflective pillars. As a pedestrian the trees almost faded away, but from the street, a colored panel emphasized the original colors from Girard's plan. 

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