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Design / Build

Not every idea is right for the mass production processes of industrial design. Many of the concepts that I've helped bring to life are one-off or small scale creations. Custom furniture, greenspaces, trade show booths, art installations, decks, decor, and renovations all require the same dedication to problem-solving as industrial design, graphic design, and architecture—but on a small scale.

My experience in industrial design, prototyping, and construction have made me an effective designer, collaborator, and implementer of the smaller stuff. This is where I get my hands dirty. I love to build things and look at these projects as a marriage of craft and industrial design. To me, that means it requires the same standard of effective, thoughtful, and elegant design that would be demanded by a multi-national corporation.

Vending Machine Restoration

Portland Public Library | 2022–2023

Cy Bennett (me!) poses with the fully restored machine in the lower level of Portland Publ

Ever heard of Art-O-Mats? Well PPL had an idea that we could host a similar vending machine for community non-profits in our space. A quick Craigslist search, and I was on my way to Pownal, ME to pick up a 1966 Fawn Fleetwood cigarette machine that probably hadn’t been touched since the 80s... Learn More.

Various Design / Build Projects
Recycled HDPE Bench

Precious Plastic Maine | 2023


Did you know that most large recyclable plastic items can’t be recycled at industrial facilities? That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to reuse this durable material before it ends up in a landfill... Learn More.

Banquette Buildout

Home Improvement Project | 2021


During the pandemic, we were all looking for projects. In anticipation of one day having guests return to our home, we wanted to improve the seating and storage setup in our living room. Behold, the humble banquette! A bench, a storage compartment, and an outlet... See more.

Exhibit Columbus

People for Urban Progress | 2019


People for Urban Progress was awarded a prize to participate in the annual Exhibit Columbus for 2019. "Jungle Subtraction" explored an architecture of subtraction rather than the typical addition of architecture. We wanted to visually edit the streetscape. We responded to the mismatched planters, trash cans, benches, bike racks, parking signs, etc. that tend to clutter and detract from the original vision for how spaces were designed. We litter our streets with visual noise, often drowingin out the simple pleasure of walking under a tree or sitting alone to people-watch. Learn More.

Various Design / Build Projects
IUPUI Redwood Project

People for Urban Progress | 2018


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) reached out to People for Urban Progress (PUP) to design a solution that would reduce waste and extent the life of campus material. Redwood planks were used as the cladding for parking garages on campus for decades but had reached the end of their journey there. We breathed a third life into these planks to help extend their longevity. Learn more.

Home Re-Construction Project

ECS Mechanical | 2016-2017


I had an opportunity in 2016 to join a crew in the re-construction of a large house in Fishers, IN that had burned down in a fire. On this project I was able to apprentice with framers, electricians, HVAC professionals, finish carpenters, and more. I was a part of this house from start to finish, and was so lucky to learn so much from skilled tradespeople. See more.

NY Now Tradeshow Booth

People for Urban Progress | 2016


Designing a trade show booth can be a real challenge. Not only is your square footage strictly monitored, you must be able to pack everything into a custom crate and assemble your booth onsite with few if any power tools. Designing and building within tight parameters proved an interesting challenge because we wanted any investment into the booth to translate into a retail setup once the show (NY Now) was over. Learn more.

Various Deck Builds

Luur Design and Keep Indianapolis | 2014–2020


Part of my work at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful included designing and building hardscape elements in greenspaces we created throughout the city. Given my background in furniture design and experience in construction, it was a great fit—and a meaningful way to contribute to community spaces. Learn more.

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