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Industrial Design

Industrial design is problem solving! I believe that good industrial design—and any design for that matter—is rooted in empathy and observation. To effectively solve problems put forward, designer must put themselves in the user's shoes, research the cause and challenges, and observe how we've tried to solve similar problems. The designer then creates concept after concept utilizing creativity, artistic skill, and armchair engineering to invent a solution that can be mass produced.

In college I fell in love with this problem solving methodology and put my insatiable curiosity to work. I've worked on projects for enormous brands and individual inventors alike. I'm listed as an inventor on over eight utility patents.

Pet Training Products

Motorola | 2014


From 2013–2015, Motorola worked with Luur Design to develop a series of pet training tools. This project carefully examined best training practices to apply Motorola's technology to everything from traditional training collars, to ultrasonic bark deterrents, to wireless fence systems. Learn more.

B.F.A. Thesis Project

University of Notre Dame | 2013


We all know that commuting on a bicycle is healthier, cheaper, and better for the environment. So, why don't more of us do it? For my senior thesis I looked to tackle one of the obstacles that keeps people from using their bike as their main mode of transportation. Learn more.

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