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Brand Marketing Materials

Successful marketing efforts constantly look to push a message out in unique ways. These opportunities are everywhere—from something as small as a business card, to something as big as a billboard. 


I've designed truck wraps, playing cards, tote bags, scarves, patches, brochures, popup banners, event invites, large scale signage, catalogues, t-shirts, posters, coasters, you name it.

Portland Public Library Style Guide

Portland Public Library | 2021


What good is a new tool if you don't know how to use it? In 2018, Portland Public Library (PPL) underwent a rebranding for the first time in over 20 years. The result was a bold icon that brought the Library into the 21st century. When I joined the library as the Graphic Designer in early 2021, I recognized quickly a large opportunity to create some visual continuity in our branding. The result was a style guide—the first step towards a comprehensive brand book. See the Style Guide.

KIB Brand Book

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2017

Brand Book.png

Behold the humble brand book. A document so essential that it nearly goes forgotten. My first large project at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) was a brand consolidation. This consolidation included visual branding, marketing, and market research. This has become an essential document for our brand identity. Learn more.

THRIVE Event Branding

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful | 2019


Every year Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) hosts a fundraising event called THRIVE. In 2019, my third year managing branding for the event, we partied in the Ohana Lounge of the Salesforce Tower—the highest room in Indiana. Given that KIB does work all across the city, I helped develop an experience that allowed attendees to see our work from a new vantage point. Learn more.

Various Collateral
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